flowers drawing related to ptg (2).jpg

When the colors are beautiful simply as colors, when it’s a silky blue and a pale green the color of early spring, I find that I like looking at the colors for themselves alone. They are their own raison d’être.  Big expanses of pure color gives the artist delight, something that you hope to share with the spectator. The lines and forms of the objects build upon that foundation.  I wanted the vase of flowers to rise upwards like a bold tree, a symbol of life.

I make lots of studies for pictures.  This one rehearses the motif for a large painting.  This crayon drawing (made with Caran d’Ache Neocolors)  measures 24 x 36 inches.  (The related painting measures 30 x 48 inches.)

2 thoughts on “tall vase of flowers

  1. Beautiful painting. That blue-green tone has a very spiritual, kind undertone emotion. I am sure this one will be sold in no time.

  2. thank you, Fritz, I always wonder about color as a conveyor of emotion — I don’t know what colors communicate what emotions, but one of the things I enjoy about still life is that through it I can find groups of colors to assemble whose qualities I enjoy seeing — I guess in a sense I paint for the colors — I just like looking at the colors and recording them in my way

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