DSC_1236 (2) lower left of Distant Oak smaller file

When I see details like this I discover that I’m more of an abstract artist than I realize. But I love the visual incident of passages like this one, this detail of the painting Distant Oak.

I rarely — almost never — paint with acrylics now.  I’m an oil painter.  But I recall I did love the ways you could put layers over top each other quickly — and could with the addition of some white paint — recreate the bottom layer again and thus play rather easily with transparencies and texture.

This bit of abstraction appears on the lower left hand side of the painting.


3 thoughts on “each medium has its special charm

  1. Really beautiful, both the close-up and the actual painting. Makes me want to run out and set myself up with oil paints, an easel and some canvases. N.

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