Kuschan flowers 1 oil on paper

Since the Bazille show is at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, I’m getting ready to study several of the beautiful flower paintings featured in the exhibit.  It’s great good fortune for me that these works are visiting now because doing large flower compositions has been one of my ambitions for a long time.  I knew of the early Impressionist flower compositions from books but I haven’t been able to see any of the actual paintings until now.

Above is a flower painting I did many years ago.  And below is Bazille’s grande machine of flowers currently in the exhibit.



And here they are side by side (magic of the internet):

6 thoughts on “getting ready for flowers

  1. Aletha, I just felt for stopping by and say hello! I am so totally amazed by the beauty of your work and your immense creative output. You are a fountain of inspiration. My apologies for not commenting enough: I could easily write pages & pages to comment your art and say how much I admire it. But then the days would go by without any painting practice for me – and I need so much more practice. There is only one word for your work: AWESOME!

  2. Carsten, what are wonderful surprise to find this comment! It’s sweet of you to say such kind things. And the comment means so much coming from someone of your amazing talent. Thank you.

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