By popular demand, meet Lucy.

Lucy is Official Studio Dog,  being the senior dog.  Lucy (formerly Gallifrey — don’t ask and don’t blink) has from time to time served as artist’s model.

page of dog drawings

Lucy has a subordinate named Zoomie pictured below.  His full name is Huysum.  If that sounds like an unusual choice, know that he was named for the great 17th century Dutch flower painter.

Dutch-artist-Jan-van-Huysum-who-drew-these-beautiful-flowers-died-onthisday-in-1749-artist-art-drawi (2)
flowers by Huysum



Zoomie, unlike the works of his namesake, is neither elegant nor meticulous.  He mostly likes to chew things up and to run like a crazy man.  Thus Huysum’s name (pronounced How-zoom) has gradually morphed into the more accurate name Zoomie.  He lacks studio privileges.  Being Music Dog suits him better anyway since my daughter, his proper owner, plays the cello.



Zoomie was recently featured in the post “teeth that fly” via a drawing I made from imagination.

11 thoughts on “Official Studio Dog

  1. You have a cool blog! Stop by my blog and check me out, you should enjoy it. Have a great day, I’ll make sure to check out your blog daily and I just followed you by the way.

  2. Yes, Gabe! That’s why we changed her name to Lucy. Only Dr. Who fans seemed to know how to pronounce her crazy name! and as for her — she doesn’t seem to mind at all what we call her ….

  3. Dogs are the greatest! These dogs are adorable. All kind dogs steal my heart in a heartbeat. We have a little Jack Russel and she is convinced (rightly so) that my studio has one or more rats in the walls. She will stand in a corner staring at the wall for hours, head turning this way and that. Hilarious.

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