It was a favorite glass, and I took flowers from the yard along with some we had purchased and plopped them into the glass of water.  Put it on a white cloth.  And I painted it.

I had to “reconstruct” the tip of the green fond that bends over on the left because (when I wasn’t looking) the cat jumped up and chewed the end off of it.


7 thoughts on “crystalline clarity

  1. I understood it to be descriptive. Today is nostalgia and writing day. So, I’ve rummaged through existing photos. Too dark to do new photography today. Still wet outdoors. And I’m decluttering anyway so no time for new work. Just blog and then back to the house-keeping and reorganization! I like spontaneity too — like you. The flowers were strongly influenced by Manet so they resemble somewhat his late works (as I knew them from reproductions). And mischieveous Cally the calico cat commits all her mischief in heaven now. I used to love to paint white as a color. May go back to it sometime or other …. thanks, Margaret!

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