raven 050514

Okay, maybe I can understand a little bit how extra dimensions can be hidden by folds in the universe. Matisse taught me the principle, but I must say I kind of stumbled into the practical understanding of it.

I was just drawing the still life table.  And as you can see the paper bowl is there — that’s the one I made of paper mache.  I composed it using scraps of paper that had little drawings on them from the period when my daughter was always scribbing.  Behind it is the black cloth decorated with exotic flowers.  (I think of them as “night flowers.”) In front, but next (if we’re moving from left to right) is the dark blue bottle of facets.  God, I love that bottle.  Found it in a thrift store, of course.

Next is the crow figurine.  Well, that’s appropriate — night flowers, night bird, dark bottle.  Then — everything changes here — you see, I had two still lifes set up side by side on the same table.  The other still life is visible next.  It’s much lighter (obviously).  So there’s this field of sky blue created by a drape and upon that sits the big white ginger jar.  Vase?  Ginger jar?  (Do you put ginger in the ginger jar because this one’s kind of big ….)  Whatever.

So I was drawing.  Evidently I was drawing from left to right.  Then I ran out of still life.  I couldn’t see what was next because my own drawing board was in the way.

So, like Matisse taught me, I just drew the drawing board — and thus redrew the left-hand side of the picture — only bigger (because it was closer).

Now I don’t know — strictly speaking — if the stuff inside the folds ought to be represented as it is in physics.  But my representation of the still life table dragged me into the picture (so to speak) because I had to draw my drawing board  — the way that Matisse drew his own foot when it happened to be inside the field of vision he was portraying — but you know that picture, don’t you?  You knew that was what I was talking about.

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