drawing tea cup 3

Perhaps it’s a self portrait, and I am the cup — beset by indefinable and menacing-seeming massivities on either side.  Under me is a solid slab, but it’s probably cold — solid but cold.

Or maybe it’s your portrait.  Maybe it’s not me — I am a sunny optimist, after all.  So maybe I just drew it, and it’s your portrait.

At least it has abundant green, green like leafy forest over-hanging canopy.  And it has orange, warming deep and comforting.  And that emblematic slab — the tile coaster where the coffee mug sits — is blue ethereal.  And those un-identifiable massivities are night colored like a field of stars. The emblems, the symbolism are much to unravel.

Maybe it’s just a still life of a coffee mug.  But one cannot rule out the symbolic portrait.

Which is it?  You or me?

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