still life of c 2005 resized

I try to address drawing ideas in ways that people who are not artists can totally understand since everything that happens in drawing happens in some other avenue of life as well.  Certain occupations require obsequious rigor of their practitioners.  Surgeons, airline pilots, accountants, dentists must observe an industry standard that limits their choices to areas of action that are well known.  New experiences in the aforementioned fields usually spell trouble. But everyone has areas of life where abandon unfolds. Those for whom logic, routine and order are daily rules probably cherish a more than ordinary appreciation for whimsy in their off duty experiences.

To make a sketch of a scene in arbitrary seeming patterns can look like freedom — and it is a species of freedom. But it gets all its energy from the rules it hides.  The most whimsical of drawings needs an inner logic to give it cohesion.  And logic is never far away from us, since more often than not, our minds arrange things more tightly than we can ever know.

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