I will never understand the impulse to tame the still life table. Every corner of the universe is colored, littered with light, lousy with lines, sumptuous in shapes, an alacrity of alliteration.

The still life table is a microcosm. And the cosmos is noisy.  (So a small one is just micro-noisy.)  It’s messy (like this house I’m uncluttering).


4 thoughts on “profusion is an abundance or a large quantity of something

  1. That’s okay. I am not really prolific in the art, right now. These are older things which I set to new commentary. These are more about writing. It’s sort of a magazine. I don’t expect any one to read all the posts. And I’ll post new images at some point too. But I am in a transition while I reorganize my studio. Thank you, Jon, for visiting the blog.

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