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Still life and physics have much in common except that the still life painter is a naturalist and the physicist, a theorist.  I look at things in their wild state and merely record what I observe. The objects all adhere firmly to the table.  Shadows fall in the direction opposite the light.  The objects, being inanimate, never move about.  And they have a stability that is rather marvelous to contemplate since they are so sturdy and compact.  Each, while made of differing substances, has a tensile and a compressive power.

Light falls upon the whole of the scene.  Its reflection into the eyes of the beholder provides the veil of color that becomes the picture.  Some colors are cooler and recede, creating an “atmospheric perspective.”  Other colors, warm ones, come forward and seem to greet us.  I understand that light is kind of important in the field of physics.  It’s very important in my trade too.

All that remains is time.  But I did long ago notice that the still life table is like a clock whose color changes tell the hours.

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