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If you started reading a couple days ago you know that I’m reorganizing my studio.  More than that I’m reorganizing my whole house — perhaps my whole life.  I started reading Marie Kondo’s book “the life-changing magic of tidying up” because I knew I could use some help motivating myself to do this rather large and necessary task.  I have become a real self-help book aficionado.

We live in marvelous times.  No matter what the challenge, someone has probably written a book about doing it.

Live blogging the thoughts I have as I go through these changes helps me dream about where I want to be when the task is complete — not just where the stuff will be — where I want me to be.  Mentally, physically, spiritually.

I find ideas and dreams along the way.  Pictures that were behind other pictures in the stack see the light again. They suggest innovations.  It’s a wonderful, wonderful process, house-cleaning is.  But it’s a lot of work too and sometimes the destination seems so far off.  It’s important to stay motivated.  All this stuff pictured above has to be moved!

Along the way the rest of life needs attention.  Dishes must still be washed, dogs must be hugged, groceries purchased, lawns mowed ….


9 thoughts on “staying motivated

  1. I have read that book and I have been making some good stabs at moving stuff along. In fact I spent a couple hours yesterday in my bedroom. I need to re-organize my studio….well, I call it my art room…..sounds kind of kindergarten but it works for me. lol

  2. I am afraid to read Kondo’s book. I live with a paper hoarder and despite many attempts over the years, he won’t let me touch his stuff. My daughter went up in the attic and found vintage Nike’s selling for $500. on eBay. Living in a house for 35 years you accumulate a lot of stuff…too much. Good luck on your endeavor! N.

  3. thank you, Nina! You are probably wise to avoid Kondo’s book — because — spoiler — in her childhood she was a tidier and she tidied other family members’ rooms too — and they didn’t always like it!! Thank you for the luck — I will take luck — need tons of it!

  4. I know one thing, it is very freeing. I even went through some of my brochures from trips, reminders….but I never go and touch them and feel them to remember our good times. Memories are in my head, not in things. That really helped because I was keeping a lot to “prove” that I was there, silly! I have been eliminating a lot in my stuff and I love it! I have been going through photos as well, the nondescript photos that mean nothing, say nothing. It is wonderful!

  5. Her idea about whether a thing sparks joy is a good measure — and that’s what I am using. Naturally I must keep many things too because of the future use that I know will be there. In art sometimes you must do a bit of hoarding, just like a squirrel hides nuts. I will need them in some “winter” when I cast about for new material — then the old material will work nicely and it will have taken on new meaning with the passage of time. I am moving some things out of the house so that my house can be more of a house and less of a studio — also can be in its studio use a more spacious and flexible studio. But while I will be tossing tons of junk, I will be keeping much of the art stuff — even all sorts of scraps of this and that — but that is entirely different than Kondo’s prescriptions. I have many images and fragments of images and ideas that do indeed “spark joy.”

  6. A quote from Kerfe’s review (see link above)
    “I found the advice to be very sensible. Overthinking leads to paralysis, and our gut reactions often turn out to be best and truest. And before we can organize, we all need to have less to put it its place. ”

    It’s an interesting review – check it out ….

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