butterfly picture sitting on the table (2)

I’d like to find some real butterflies.

For now I’m satisfied being reunited with the butterfly drawing.  During my Big Tidy Campaign of 2017 (about which I’ve written extensively), I sorted through some large oil pastels and retrieved this one — which I’ve begun reworking a bit.  And now it rests some atop the desk where a collage sits.

Putting it on top of the collage gives me ideas — or glimmers of ideas.  I may do something else with this butterfly at some juncture.  For now, though, it exists as a drawing.  I was thinking of treating its companion, the spider, in some larger way too.  Dare I exhibit the spider again?  Is it too scary?

Oh, not for brave readers!  Here it is again.


I’ve been wondering how I could do something grander and more elaborate with the spider as well.  And I might as well just do it.  Some counselors have told me that you can’t sell a big picture of a spider.  I think to myself that if the butterfly and spider are showcased together, perhaps the similarity of color and treatment will tell people that if the butterfly is beautiful, then the spider is too ….

They are similar works, but I could make them even more similar. The question of how to market spiders has weighed on my mind.  But they make movies about monster spiders!  Of course I’m not sure that those movies make very much money or have particularly large audiences, nor do they communicate a strong societal message ….

Big Ass Spider was a good movie.  Just saying.

However, the spider can also be a serious subject — without necessarily being a scary one.  A spider can be beautiful. It can be done. I’m sure of it.  Perhaps it’s my special mission to do it …?

I’ll keep you posted.  For now you won’t find my spider drawing on my Fine Art America site.  I don’t want a spider to scare all the customers away!  When it’s time to include the spider in my grand marketing scheme, we will have figured out something that has thus far eluded most creative projects and that is: how to make (certain) spiders wonderful!

And everyone is going to want one!  You’ll see!  Just wait …




14 thoughts on “finding butterflies

  1. That’s so strange…I found some very old butterflies and a spider yesterday (from the 80s). I also plan to do something with them…
    But yours are much more beautiful. (K)

  2. I find them both beautiful – butterflies & spiders . There is a lot of beauty in the whole insect world and I´d rather like people to appreciate them more. A lot of them are disappearing from our planet lately and it is hard to say what consequences this will have. I did not see the Big Ass Spider movie, but I guess I am a bit old fashioned and prefer the 50´s classics like Jack Arnold´s Tarantula (with real spiders) or the great THEM! by Gordon Douglas. Although I did work with CGI myself for almost 20 years I find all this digital stuff a bit boring nowadays. Your drawings are beautiful. And the spider is my favorite. 🙂

  3. I have a phobia about them too, Jon. That’s one reason I began drawing them (from time to time). This particular spider, however, is the only spider I’ve ever seen that I thought was actually beautiful. She was big, too. And I kept a very respectful distance. Anyway, I’m glad she’s found a fan in you. Thanks!!

  4. Carsten, what kind encouraging words! You are really a spider movie fan. That’s fabulous. And I am so glad you like my spider! That makes my day. Thank you, Carsten, so much.

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