oct life class drawing

For the last three weeks I’ve been attending a life class that meets at the historic Arts Club.  As I get back into the habit of drawing from a model, I’m thinking about different ways to focus the experience.  Last session, though, I had no particular plan and I ended up drawing very fast, and it was a wonderful session.  The model was lit by a bright studio light in the front and by cool outdoor light in the back.  The outdoor light brightened as the session lengthened and I had the opportunity to observe some fabulous color effects.

I’ve approached each session so far a bit differently.  And that makes sense given the differences in the models and the set up.  But I think I’m developing a plan for what I want to achieve from life drawing.  So next session might be a little more structured — for me — in terms of what I draw, what materials I use, and so on.

New thing.  Always got to keep shaking loose the ideas.  Drawing the figure is utterly different from what I’m pursuing in my regular work, so the class offers a chance to change gears.

But last session was intense.  I just drew.  Not much thinking about it.  Indeed, for some reason I felt that I had to draw as fast as I can.  So it was a bit of a race.  And when it was over I was suitably tired!  That’s a great feeling.  I could tell that the model was getting tired as well.  When he was most tired, he got a fierce look on his face that was marvelous to behold which I tried to capture.  I think he was striving to hold still as his muscles were getting fatigued from the stillness.  And that strife in his face …!

Well, you can’t tire someone out on purpose so just take the images that the moment gives you and draw them as well as you can!


7 thoughts on “Intense

  1. Hi Aletha,
    Im a new subscriber to your blog since this summer. You inspire me so much! I bought a small bouquet of flowers and started today with my oil pastels. I havent finished it yet. I love this one, too, of the life drawing.
    Greetings from Paris, France.

  2. Aimée, I am so glad to know that the blog inspires you. You have made my day! Sometimes I have wondered if I should be blogging, but now I am very glad that I do. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. Thank you, Rosie. Yes, liberating is a good description. There is a real in-the-moment aspect. I don’t know from session to session who the model will be, where I will stand, what I will do, and it makes for some very spontaneous thinking and drawing. The “drawingness of it” — what a wonderful phrase!

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