in a good place

landscape drawing dec 29

I made an oil pastel drawing of a scene that I had first drawn using the blue ball point pen.  It’s also in the works as a painting.  The drawing is 7 x 9.5 inches.

Outside a thin snow lies on the ground.  Outside it’s freezing!  But inside this drawing summer reigns eternal.


slenderest bit of idea

landscape drawing idea

A ball point pen provides a lot of freedom to think out loud about where things are.  I like to look at things and just “take notes.”  It’s like wandering around in the scene and the pen lines are foot steps.

restless artist

arboretum firs first swipe

The landscapes provide relief from the flowers.  Still life is a good chaser for landscape.  Next I sometimes draw a figure.  Then I return to flowers, many different visions of flowers.  And I circuit through my subjects, and yet they are always very much the same dream pictures.  Different words, recurrent melody.

Here’s the first swipe at this panel and the lines are very strong.  And it will probably remain starkly linear — like a drawing — no matter what follows.


warm dream garden

fir garden motif pen 2

I love the cool blue lines of the Bic ball point pen and the miniature world of drawing.  Art makes possible the dream-like convergence of dissimilar things.  Lines offer complete freedom.

I like revisiting warm summer during the cold of winter even if only in thought.  Brrr!  It’s so cold today!


owl flowers dec 2017 (2)

Above is the crazy intermediate stage of a painting that just keeps getting more and more complicated.  It’s the polar opposite of the floral still life I last posted.  And it’s got 1,728 square inches of burgeoning hyperactivity.  And I’m taking a wee little break from it just now.  For a day or two …

butterfly cloth in black & white

butterfly cloth in b&w

Above, a black and white photograph of the green-yellow-pink butterfly cloth that features in the still life paintings that I’m currently working on.  Got it at Joann Fabrics last year.  In black and white it’s like a drawing and all the wonderful intricate lines stand out.