This little meadow measuring 14 x 11 inches was painted in oil.  It still has some flowers in the foreground to be added to it.  I’m not sure when I painted it, but evidently I took the photograph last February.  So, then too I was living imaginatively a summer in winter.

I’ll turn to the oil paintings after the acrylic paintings are finished.

6 thoughts on “another little meadow

  1. thank you, Kerfe … you asked about the paint in your other comment — this meadow was painted using oil paint — the palette is similar to that of the acrylic painting, looks like this one has more yellow added to the (thalo) green — cadmium lemon and cadmium yellow medium, also yellow ochre — thanks again!

  2. I’m not sure I’m up for oil painting at this stage in life. I would need a real studio. I do love the clarity of those colors though!

  3. I understand. Acrylic paints are well adapted to a compact studio since they dry almost immediately. Indeed that’s one reason I’m using them right now: because they are so well suited to fast painting which I’m doing at present and because the fast drying means that many paintings can be in process at once without the problem of storing them. Too many wet canvases can create logistical problems!

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