meadow early stage

The little meadow was one of the first landscape paintings I started this winter, but I’m only posting it now.  This is the second swipe, I believe.  And it still has a bit of tweaking yet to go.  It measures 14 x 18 inches.


8 thoughts on “little meadow

  1. thank you, Kerfe — most of the landscapes I’ve posted lately, including this one, are painted with acrylic paints. colors include ultramarine and thalo blues, thalo green, chromium oxide green, venetian red, yellow ochre, cadmium lemon and white. The brands are Golden and Utrecht.

  2. Both brands are really good. I also have Winsor Newton acrylics, old ones called Finity (I think they’ve changed since I bought these). Dunno. Goldens are particularly distinctive because some of the colors dry with a sheen, though not all …? Since I mix them up, some parts of the painting are shiny and some not. But it seems to be that I’ve used some Golden pigments that dried mat.

    I like the shiny appearance and also like that it occurs in some areas and not others. (Thalo green is one that dries shiny if used straight.)

    I’ve heard that some manufacturers have media distinctive enough that they shouldn’t be mixed with other manufacturers’ paints ??? I dunno about that either. I freely mix the Goldens, Utrecht and Finity paints that I have with no problems.

    Anyway, I love Golden — can heartily recommend them.

  3. I meant that certain brands supposedly are different enough chemically as to be incompatible, but I’ve never had that problem so I guess I never mixed the troublesome combinations. Golden and Utrecht paints are thoroughly compatible as is the older Winsor Newton (Finity) — perhaps their contemporary mixture is also — I don’t know. When they don’t mix, it’s because the acrylic polymer base of the paint is different somehow in its chemistry. So sometimes people will recommend sticking to one brand in a particular work — or at least testing ahead to see that they don’t turn into some kind of weird glop !

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