crepe myrtles jan18

Ta dah!  Well, here’s an early swipe at a crepe myrtles painting measuring 40 x 30 inches.  I love everything about crepe myrtles — love the flowers, love painting them, love the season when they bloom while cicadas are singing.  And I am loving using acrylic paint in transparent veils of color — somewhat watercolorish looking in character, though very different from watercolor in the painting of it.

4 thoughts on “crepe myrtles are the best

  1. I came across a student the other name whose first name was Myrtle. Never met someone with that name before. I had no idea that Myrtles were flowering trees!!

  2. I had an aunt named Myrtle, but I have to admit, Emma, that I never quite made the connection to the trees or their flowers. It’s a lovely, but unusual name.

  3. thank you, Anthony! So kind — it’s just the first swipe, though, I will be working on it more. I admit that I like it in this state and am a little reluctant to go forward — I gotta find some mojo.

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