6 thoughts on “the setting sun

  1. I think that sunsets and sunrises are ALL about the colours and how they work together – so it makes perfect sense to do a paint sketch and not a drawing one – this one looks lovely, Aletha, I think it could turn into a great painting! – I’m thinking I may revisit sunsets and sunrises, this year some time (in the light of my somewhat improved colour skills!)

  2. thank you, Hilda. Yes, I’m in a thinking about it stage. But it’s fun to do a color study to explore the idea some. Sounds like it’s a subject that you particularly like. That’s one reason I do studies, to find out if the motif is a good fit for the moment ….

  3. Yes, I was on a family vacation in Connecticut a few years back and we saw a number of really fabulous sunsets, which my hubby photographed….but, at the time I was not up to doing them justice in paint…I’m hoping to revisit them and try again some time this year. Hope to see YOU post more about this subject in the future! 🙂

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