little garden

little study for garden

Measuring 13 x 8.5 inches, this little picture is a color study for a new, upcoming landscape motif.  It’s painted on un-stretched, raw canvas treated only with clear acrylic (to make the surface less absorbent).

I like the raw color of the canvas, though I glopped on so much paint already that the raw canvas doesn’t show anymore.

Lots of garden plants are here with their slightly differing shades of green.  A couple roof tops are visible in the upper right.


looking back


I painted this summer scene of crepe myrtles a while back.  It will become part of a landscape portfolio that I’ll be assembling soon.  It’s an oil painting measuring 30 x 24 inches.  In contrast the ones I’ve been posting lately are acrylic paintings.

It’s fun to see how it looks with its new landscape companions.


buffalo face Q street

Can’t paint all the time.  Washington DC warmed up over the weekend (brrr, still remembering those temps in the teens that we had a while back!).  So I took a walk.  Visitors to DC might recognize this buffalo as being one of the ones who decorates and guards Dumbarton Bridge (on Q Street).

There are four buffalo sculptures created by Alexander Phimister Proctor on the bridge.

Here’s a view of the whole buffalo.

Buffalo Q street bridge

Part of the Edward Everett House — now the Turkish Ambassador’s Residence — can be seen behind him.

If you should wish to use either of these photos to draw Alexander Phimister Proctor’s buffalo, feel free!