oil pastel for reentering crepe mytles

This drawing demonstrates as well as any might how the mere act of drawing can become a walk through ideas.  It’s the wrong format (it’s too squat).  It lacks relevant detail.  It’s just an exercise in motion.  It’s me telling myself:  this little bush is here, this span of light grass is there, and so on.  And I hear my thoughts echoing back saying, “well, duh — tell me something I don’t know!”

I did already draw all these things in the painting that I’m trying to reenter.  And there’s no new information in this drawing.  And it’s not the right size or the right anything.

And yet it helps in its way.  At least I think so ….

Or am I like the hapless drunk in Paul Watzlawick’s amazing book The Situation is Hopeless who looks for his car keys under the street lamp because “the light is better over here” (even though he dropped the keys over there).

9 thoughts on “more moving out of the morose zone

  1. Hahahaha I love that. I know people who would do that, too. It’s so interesting, the way you use drawing to gain better insight into your painting. I had never thought of using drawing in this way.

  2. Drawing means different things to different artists, doesn’t it, Rosie. That’s another thing I love about the art of drawing — that it is so BIG.

  3. Drawing is hardly taught in UK now? That’s awful, Rosie! Yes, it’s such a vast territory! I don’t know what goes on here in the US now. A lot of artists do workshop format teaching where they take week long or shorter courses on the road. I know one artist who teaches a wonderful 2 day drawing workshop but naturally it’s very focused — portrait in her case. Pedagogy is changing here — becoming more diffuse, artist centered and less institutionalized — I think. But of course universities still have art departments. I have no idea what they do.

  4. Not so much on fine arts courses, still taught to illustrators and designers. Interesting that pedagogy is changing in the USA, there are independent art schools emerging here and more teaching through ateliers

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