I don’t think he suspects anything

planes of the head guyJe ne pense pas qu’il voit quoi que ce soit.

Of course, it’s always hard to tell with Planes-of-the-Head Guy because he is so inscrutable.

Actually this post isn’t about Planes-of-the-Head Guy or any other art topic.  I just needed something to illustrate the neat French phrase I stumbled upon.  I think I know what it means but one is never sure.

I strive to get serious now about learning French so I read French books and listen to French documentaries.  There’s a bunch on the lives of famous artists!  While I was looking for something else, however, I discovered that voit quoi is a thing and came upon a page with various uses of it.  That’s here:


And you can hear it and see Google’s translation of it below — it has a funny rhyme.


Meanwhile, can Google translate my sentence above, I wonder?  Here goes

Bien sûr, c’est toujours difficile à dire avec Planes-of-the-Head Guy parce qu’il est tellement impénétrable.


bowl of fruits

101_1324 (2)

I’m working on another large still life.  Almost everything is inside the painting already, and yet the painting isn’t its things only; thus there’s still a lot of painting to paint.  I add colors without a plan, thinking “this might look interesting here.”

Almost everything is there and yet it still seems to have more potential than I quite know what to do with.


light, roses, sources

101_1298 (3)

Still life stuff lying about is always there proposing ideas.  The light itself is an idea — the best idea and the hardest to manage — when it comes to whatever it is that you’re supposed to do with it.  With even fake flowers nature is still there — because of the light.  And your mind looking at it — that’s nature too.