more drawing with friends

101_1367 (3)

Back at the National Gallery again, this time in the sculpture galleries, with different friends than my last post, I decided to draw one of Rodin’s studies for his Burghers of Calais.  It’s a largish drawing: the head takes up a lot of space on a 14 x 17 inch sheet.  And I don’t altogether like it.  But I learned a great deal making the drawing, and sometimes its good to keep pushing through a drawing even when it isn’t very appealing just because of the information that collects inside your brain.  All that stuff comes to some use eventually.  I worked very freely (maybe it shows — haha!).

I am in still life mode in the studio, but I draw all sorts of things when I’m at the museum.

Here’s my guy, seen at a different angle.  Note the zoom feature.