painting-singing-bird-smaller-fileI have been painting today while listening to Cho-Liang Lin and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra playing Lalo Schifrin’s Tango Concertante, a piece that I only know because I chanced to hear a live performance of it by Cho-Liang Lin and the Apollo Orchestra in Bethesda, Maryland a couple years ago.  We knew the cellist playing the solo in the Apollo Orchestra’s performance.

I was so glad when I discovered that the piece was available on Youtube and must have listened to it at least 25 times in just the days and weeks immediately following my introduction to it.  I have lost count now how many times I’ve heard it.  It only grows richer to me with every listening.

Lalo Schifrin is most famous for his television and movie music and very most famously for one theme, the music that introduced the 60s era television show Mission Impossible.  While I love the Mission Impossible theme, Tango Concertante is a thousand-fold more complex and beautiful.

You might notice that it has fewer than two thousands views!  And that is so wrong!  Recently my daughter sent me a video of a mockingbird singing and it had a half million views.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love birdsong.  I love mockingbirds especially, but you can listen to a mockingbird anytime you please in spring and summer.  They are all virtuosos, and they’re sitting in every tree.  In contrast music like this comes along rarely!

Well, it’s the background music for today’s painting session …  here it is ….

4 thoughts on “Tango Concertante

  1. I agree… the view distribution on YouTube is extremely frustrating!

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