green cloth pattern 2 (2)

I am approaching the current still life in a much less literal way and find myself loving this approach.  Formerly I would have sought more fastidiously (not always more successfully) to duplicate the patterns as I see them in the actual still life.  But with the green cloth in this painting, I’ve decide to shift the pattern elements according to my intuition.  So the still life in front of me is a guide not a rule.  And I can change the cloth around later on, if desirable, to get some other views.

Thus I’m very aware of myself interpreting the imagery.  Now one might wonder how that affects the composition as a whole, and I’m being very subliminal about that as well.  I stand back from the painting from time to time to see how it all looks.  But as I am painting, I know that my brain sees a wider view than the thing I’m currently focused on painting.  And I’ve decided to just trust my brain to arrange things in a holistic manner while my attention fastens onto this or that particular. Sometimes things will link up from top to bottom in ways you are not aware of having designed.  You stand back, scratch the head, and ask “how’d all that get there?”

As long as the painting looks good all this is good too.  Do not pry too inquisitively into the workings of the subconscious brain.  When it goes well, a simple “thank you” to your right brain for its good functioning will suffice.

You’ve gotta trust your brain.

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