here’s looking at you, kid

100_1809 (2)

One thing I note about painting flowers, they don’t watch you — or even seem to.  But when you draw faces — faces that look in your direction — well, it’s like having company.

But I like drawing faces and I think I shall do more of it.


dogs’ tails are brushes too

100_1805 (2)

I run out of places to stack wet panels.  I need to make studies for the big painting, but then I find myself running out of places to set them while they dry.  It’s a small room and I have dogs.  Dogs tails are also brushes so wet paintings have to be put out of the tail’s reach.

A study like this one of the flowers in the vase will be something I go back to whenever I want to reconnect with the object.  It’s not finished in any sense.  It will never be finished.  It’s just something to put paint on when I want to think about that vase some more.

Between times I have to keep it from the dog’s tail unless I want the household furnishings painted as well.


100_1804 (2)

The flower at the corner of the painted study seems to long for its near twin up there on the box.  And thus there are always various curiosities in the studio.

And in one’s mind coincidences abound.  Ideas echo each other.

in the dark

100_1803 (2)

Nothing is one color.  Nothing looks the same all the time.  Memory and thought sometimes seem to still things — to solidify them.  But the things themselves are always changing.

You can make the light even when you paint to give yourself more painting time.  It’s a very practical thing to do: to paint in artificial light.  But the painting once it’s finished will be seen in all kinds of light.  And it will look different in the morning, and it will look different at night.