the flowers jumped

big painting on june 13

I was nervous about starting, but I have begun putting the bouquet of flowers into the Big Painting.  They take up a lot of space and occupy the central most part of the canvas so I know I need to broadly determine their forms first.

In the beginning I just locate them in generalized shapes.  Later I have to paint individual flowers — or more accurately, I have to include the smaller, individual patches of paint.

I was nervous, but I’m over the jitters.  Now it’s just paint, paint, paint.

detail big painting on june 13



a theory of everything must include flowers

100_1811 (2)

Flowers everywhere, big and little canvases.  Flowers on things, in pictures inside pictures (there are flowers decorating the frog teapot and the super expensive basket that I’m painting from a photograph because I’m not rich).

Paintings of flowers and paintings of things that have flowers on them abound here.  And so there are multidimensional flowers and hidden dimensions of flowers.  It’s like “string theory” in physics only this is flower theory.

I guess that makes me a theoretical florist.