a sky inside

100_1810 (2)

The color blue lights up the still life table.  It used to be yellow.  Now it’s blue.  It’s good to change things around.  It feels like new beginnings. It alters the whole mood of the room.

I love being able to move things around, to change all the colors, to seem to invent moods just by shifting some colors around.  I brought the sky inside.


bringing lemons

100_1821 (2)

If life brings you lemons, of course you paint them.  And if life would bring you lemons, you wouldn’t have to go to the grocery store to buy them.  Maybe it’d mean you have a lemon tree.  Or perhaps you have people who just bring you lemons — that’s what I need — I need staff.

On my still life table, the lemons repose in a blue compotier.  So it’s kind of like heaven here.

adjacent things

100_1813 (2)

I love the intersections in my studio.  The corner of a still life painting abuts the flower power fabric background of the still life table, and both adjoin the little drawing of a lotus that hangs on the side of the book cabinet just because.

There are all these natural abstractions lying about.  Like the parts of the unfinished paintings that wait in the queue.

100_1801 (2)

apprendre le français

100_1817 (2)

The other book on the still life table is the French dictionary.  Because Monsieur Bonnard (mon professeur de peinture) said if I want to talk to him, I had better learn to speak his language.

He’s very strict.  (You’d never guess it from the paintings.)