teapot position

It’s time to figure out where the other objects in the painting are going to go.  Since I don’t have an actual still life, I cannot just look at the motif and arrange things there in the set up.  Instead my painting develops from drawings — some that I make from actual objects and some that proceed from photographs since certain objects in the painting are not things that I own — like the Limoges vase and the porcelain basket.

I have to guess how large to draw things.  And some of the decision is based also on a deliberation about how big I want the thing to be.  Because I love the frog teapot so much I have placed it at the very bottom of the picture where if all goes well it will be especially visible to inspection.  Otherwise, my decisions are just hunches.  “Maybe this would look good here … maybe that over there.”

Not included, but in the works are at least a couple more objects: a ceramic figurine of a bird, a second much smaller vase with flowers and perhaps a Chinese teacup holding some tea.  I’m still figuring things out.

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