en plenitude

two lilies 2 july 11 (2)

Been drawing!  En plein air, I drew these two lilies.  There were three, but I ran out of time (parking regulations), the sun shifted finding me straight in the path of its hot rays, and the mosquito invasion began to wear upon my patience. But I like what I managed to depict in just under 2 hours.

It would have been fun to have taken a photo of the set up.  I could have shown my flowers right next to their models because indeed they were “right there.”  But I am getting the hang of going out to paint and still learning what equipment I want.  I forgot my camera.  Need to form a habit of including it among the gear.

Here’s a close up of the main flower —

two lilies detail july 11


in between times

rock creek park scene

Courses in life seldom run straight.  Like a river or creek they bend against time.  I work steadily toward my “big painting” project and yet it seems to be standing still at present.  In between times I am also beginning to draw landscapes outdoors in oil pastel.  I made this drawing quickly.

Might be going out again today.  These drawings — at present — aren’t ones that I set out to make — not yet — not so far.  They are instead things that I do while I’m waiting around for someone else.  So sometimes when I am on someone else’s schedule, I still draw.  I am finding more and more that bits of time gathered here and there are useful for seeing.  I probably never would have made this drawing had I not found myself momentarily at loose ends.

And you never know where these things lead.

setting the stage

studio with painting and studies.jpg

Lots of props help me to organize my materials, and once I’m ready to resume working on my big painting I will have all these tools at my disposal.  Several music stands prove very useful for placing studies where I can see them.  Everything is ready except me.

I am stuck on the position of two objects: the much drawn blue jay figurine and the frog teapot.  I still cannot decide how I want them arranged.  So I am delayed in painting.  At some point I shall simply have to choose and be done with it.  In the interim, I admit that I do enjoy drawing and redrawing these objects in search of my visual solution.