two lilies 2 july 11 (2)

Been drawing!  En plein air, I drew these two lilies.  There were three, but I ran out of time (parking regulations), the sun shifted finding me straight in the path of its hot rays, and the mosquito invasion began to wear upon my patience. But I like what I managed to depict in just under 2 hours.

It would have been fun to have taken a photo of the set up.  I could have shown my flowers right next to their models because indeed they were “right there.”  But I am getting the hang of going out to paint and still learning what equipment I want.  I forgot my camera.  Need to form a habit of including it among the gear.

Here’s a close up of the main flower —

two lilies detail july 11

8 thoughts on “en plenitude

  1. thank you, Kerfe! I was fairly pleased with the drawing — given the time frame, etc., I thought it went well. Was very fun to do — everything except the getting bit — well, I guess that was fun for the mosquitoes ….

  2. The lilies are beautiful! There’s is some thing rather special about an “unfinished” drawing or painting – there’s an extra edge to them, I think.

  3. thank you, Emma. That’s one of the things that I like about drawing on the spot, that the collection of thoughts I have when the time runs out “is” the picture. I see it as just raw visual data. Maybe I make some other use of it later, maybe not, but it’s my time for just seeing and learning. And it’s fun to do …

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