blue jay and frog teapot july 13 am

Drawing and redrawing this duo, I have a bird on my brain — and a frog teapot.  I no longer know if I am making studies for the painting, or if I’m just obsessed with the motif.  Degas had advised artists to redraw the same thing ten times, a hundred times. He also said that you should draw things from different angles — and he was true to his word as his drawing of the circus performer Miss La La of the Cirque Fernando amply demonstrates.  (She is seen from below, hanging from a trapeze by her mouth.)

I had to find something that mesmerizes me sufficiently before I began drawing the same things from lots of different angles.  Who would have guessed that it’d be a blue jay figurine and a frog teapot.

bird and frog teapot june 19

9 thoughts on “bird brain (and frog teapot brain)

  1. Now I have to look for those shell drawings (from different angles) I started before I moved…they are in a box here somewhere…(K)

  2. I really want to get to it…I missed the beach this year, but I have plenty of shells I’ve collected over the years. This week does not seem to be a good one for any kind of work though…one day at a time, right?

  3. Degas’s idea of drawing the beach was to spread a sand colored cloth on the studio floor and pose the models there — while Degas wouldn’t be the partner I’d choose for a beach holiday (lol) I do like his idea about drawing as an imaginative experience so sometimes it’s good to use the beach colored cloth for sand and the blue colored cloth for ocean & sky and a diffuse cloudy light from the window to illuminate the whole and draw the beach from pretend and from imagination and even from longing ….

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