frog teapot july 12 sennelier oilcard

The Sennelier oil pastel card paper was sitting in the pile from years ago.  When I first purchased the paper, I used it with Sennelier’s own oil pastels — and I didn’t really like the results particularly.  I’ve since found out about another artist who uses Sennelier card with Sennelier oil pastel to great effect — Benjamin Hope — so I might reconsider (though Sennelier oil pastels are a little pricey for my budget).  I already have some Sennelier oil pastels — but using them, for me, feels like going to visit the Queen.

Anyway, I am using the paper for the drawing above with Caran d’Ache Neopastel and I love the smooth effect.  It’s very rich.  Amazing how differences in paper affect the materials so keenly.  Thus I’ve found a use for the paper that I love and now of course I want to get more of it!  Even though the present tablet sat unused literally for years …

The great thing about good papers, though — they last!  Almost forever …

10 thoughts on “rich surfaces

  1. I’m that way with paper too…all of a sudden I like something I’ve had for years and I must have more (like I don’t also have enough different stuff to make art from already) (K)

  2. Oh, I love hearing what makes of art material other artists use. There’s such a difference with oil paints but I tend to use different makes (is that naughty?)

  3. I mix up oil paints too. I haven’t had any problems doing so. The oil pastels, though, vary widely in quality so I use mostly the one brand.

  4. Ha, ha! Well, so far Kerfe I am only dreaming about getting some more of the Sennelier card. It’s kind of expensive so I’m watching the price, waiting for when I can pounce!

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