starting the day

flower of the black cloth oil pastel

I draw now in the morning while I’m having coffee.  The light has been perfect.  The days are mild and overcast lately.  The studio light is diffuse.  I like sitting in the dim gloom with my coffee, looking at the still life table and making small drawings of various details such as this flower on a dark cloth above.

I have reestablished an old set up with the idea of finishing a small painting that I began a couple years ago.  It’s an idle thing — a way of getting warmed up for other projects — to make these drawings,  to pull out an small old unfinished painting.

page with frog figurine and flowers

The old painting has a frog figurine in it and I’ve decided that frogs are important to me.  So perhaps the frog figurine parallels the meanings of the frog teapot (whatever meanings those are).

I drew the frog teapot and blue jay figurine again recently with coffee, drawing very fast.  It’s better to draw than not to draw so “make a fast drawing,” I tell myself.

blue jay & frog teapot sketch

I never did quite figure out the arrangement of the things for the big painting, but the project cannot wait any longer so I have concocted a way of muddling the things in — hazy at first — and later I will bring them more into focus after I see how much space each one takes up.

So, I’ll soon be returning to “the big painting.”  I wonder how long it will take to complete it once I get started again….