“The Big Painting” is Back!

big painting

Whew!  I finally got the gumption — or the whatever it is — to make up my mind and decide where those foreground objects were going.  I have begun putting them into the picture which means that work can recommence.

Sometimes you just have to DECIDE!  (And I did.)

And for other advice, don’t let your big project get quite this big!  It was looming!  And that’s a little too big — for comfort — inside the brain ….



hibiscus 1 (4)

Art for me is juggling.  I am focused.  I have a project and I work on it steadily.  It’s a big project so it requires my steady attention.  And yet other things pop up too.  I go drawing some days on Capitol Hill taking my pastel easel to search for flowers.  I use oil pastels in the sun and they become the best medium ever for that sort of moment.

I have to draw en plein air sometimes now because it’s summer and people have planted amazing flowers in their small city yards that come right up to the sidewalk.  There’s so many flowers.  They won’t be there long.  The growing season passes so quickly.  So I go out sometimes and interrupt my project to do drawings like this one.

I am out in the sun myself like a cicada.