studio assistant and other assistants tail

Junior studio assistant gives me a meaningful look while senior studio assistant (mostly unseen) smacks junior assistant with her tail.  (This happens a lot.)

big painting compotier going in

The blue compotier is starting to go in.

big painting flowers going in

The flowers also are starting to go in.  I use music stands to hold my studies.  It’s very convenient — and musical! — I feel like I’m playing the score while I paint.

All these study drawings and paintings are very useful.  I’ll be making more of them as the painting goes forward.  As more of the picture gets painted I’ll know what further information I need from the objects.

Any excuse to draw the frog teapot will do ….

6 thoughts on “(almost) live blogging the Big Painting

  1. It’s so fun keeping up with your progress on the big painting. It’s also a chance to look at Bonnard’s piece more closely and think about the choices he made. There’s a plate of what looks like brioche rolls, very nice! All that color. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love how this painting is shaping up. There is something so pleasing about your use of strong colour and slightly flattened perspective – its good enough to! Dogs with tails – tails can and are used to “accidentally” wack other dogs in the face. I can be quite funny but it’s tough luck if the other one doesn’t have much of a tail to retaliate.

  3. Thank you, L Terzia. I have hoped that perhaps my ruminations on the painting might appeal to fans of Bonnard. Every artist who would emulate him, of course, would have a different approach and path. (One example would be Richard Diebenkorn.) But I do find that doing this painting in the ways it follows Bonnard and in the ways it departs from his approach, style, method, etc., does help me to think more about what he does in his art. And that’s really good and it’s fun too.

  4. He’s second dog and he is the one who gets smacked always! He loves the Big Dog, though, so I guess it’s okay. I’m glad you like the painting’s development, Emma. It’s so weird that I don’t know what it’s going to look like even though most of “it” is there. But the color over broad areas of canvas — most of which still lies ahead — is the real Bonnard territory — since it’s his ideas that I particularly wanted to explore. I already draw things very differently from the way he did and there’s many departures from his method already — and of course that’s all fine because I’m me and he is Bonnard — but I do want to do something with the “taches” of paint over expanses as one finds in his art — so we’ll see how that goes …. Wish me luck! Thanks again.

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