100_3331 (2)

I got a little crazy and painted something really big — or certainly big relative to the size of my studio.  I don’t know what it is exactly.  It was supposed to be a duck pond, but then this butterfly showed up.  Sometimes you just go with the flow.

Notwithstanding its whimsical nature, I made lots of preliminary drawings for it because I just love to draw.  And the drawings become like rehearsals.  So for instance, the right hand abstract panel was rehearsed a few times.  Here’s one of the versions:

DSC_0324 (4) SMALLER

It ends up being a separate painting on its own, which is vertical here but could as easily be horizontal.  It lacks an solid up or down.  It’s 36 x 18 inches.

I made a lot of drawings too.  Some of them were studies for the flowers in the central flower panel.

Butterfly Emblem needs a little tiny bit of tweaking before it finds a new home.  If you are interested in having its new home be your home — send me a message!

5 thoughts on “Butterfly Emblem

  1. I have been doing studies for a while. But a light bulb went off recently when I realized that this is how musicians work on a piece of music — they take it apart and practice difficult passages until they have mastery then stitch the parts together again so that one part flows into another. I have wanted to have more flow in the painting process — so practicing the way musicians do has made sense — but I am just beginning to figure out that there are other aspects to practice — memorizing a thing, being able to gain speed and being able to “let go” to “play” the idea. There’s much more to what musicians do when they are getting inside a piece of music and I am not sure how it applies to painting, but it has me thinking and wondering.

    And the other most pertinent element is that doing the study gives me another task to fill those times when I just get flat out stuck. I don’t have to stop and feel stuck — I can just pick up a piece of paper and go at the motif all over again in some other way. It has become a time management thing as much as an art thing. Now “practice” is built into my work — as a musician plays scales — and just as scales are private and not for performance — so is the study. It’s not really helpful to the study to get tensed up about results when the whole purpose of practicing is to gain ease and freedom — and through studies one also strives to learn the inner structure of music. Scales are integral to all music and similarly color relationships and drawing skill are integral to all art making regardless of subject. Having more and more confidence about what you see and want and getting your hand to follow thought and gaining sensitivity to the art materials “in real time,” so to speak
    — and also that ineffable letting go that is “not thought” that somehow arises like improvisation through the flow of the task ….
    These are all aspirations to aim for in practicing.

    Anyway, working on it! I’m working on it, Emma!

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