100_3491 (2)

In the past I have used oil pastel often as a sketching medium, as a way of trying out ideas before committing myself to painting.  But lately, particularly now that I’m using acrylic paint, I have been going straight to the painting to experiment with ideas directly there.  Consequently I’m using oil pastels much less.

They’re a beautiful medium so I don’t want to neglect them entirely.  I am enjoying the directness of just painting though.  I find that I can blast away more with paint.

The drawing above measures 18 x 24.

4 thoughts on “Methods

  1. thank you, Rosie — “drawingness” is what I want from pastel. When the tool so readily makes lines, why not make lines. Paint for color masses, pastel for lines!

  2. thank you, Emma, each medium does have its certain something and it’s fun trying to tease out the particular virtues of each tool. The tool imitates some attribute that we see in Nature. The tools are wonderful.

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