drawing game

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Autumn is arriving — has arrived.  The effects of the changing light appear in the landscape bit by bit as the seasons change. I try to observe that change which is continual.  Looking at the outdoors one looks at Nature’s clock and the effects are similarly clock-slow. The length of days is gradually shorter.  The angle of light is more pronounced. The trees and plants respond and begin to let go of their summer fullness.

Nevertheless, for landscape drawing, incidental change occurs rapidly.  Light changes quickly and getting the features that you see means drawing quickly — which I enjoy.  I set up outdoors and make fast drawings of the little red house.

I throw myself into it. It is not so much drawing in the sense of creating an image as it is noticing lines, shapes, colors, positions and putting them down as fast as one can think.  The image arrives later by itself.  I play a game that’s like tennis with the scene in front of me.  It throws light at me and I bat at the sensation.  The percepts keep coming and I keep swinging — until some moment when the whole effect has obviously changed.  Then the game is over.  Possibly that’s it — or else you set up for another round.

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