I abandoned my blog. And today I return. It’s been about a year. Well, Delacroix’s notebooks include a 22 year hiatus, I believe, so my neglect is not as bad as his was. Whether I’ll resume regular posting or not matters not. I am living inside the moment!

Above is a little drawing made from a photograph. And below is a little painting I made from the above drawing.

I have a plan. It’s a continuation and elaboration of an experiment I have pursued for a while. The plan is to use photography to practice making landscape drawings, and afterwards to paint using exclusively the drawings. Then once the warm weather returns I hope to venture out into the spring and draw very quickly from life — since I will have practiced beforehand using the photos — make many quick landscape drawings and afterwards paint the landscape from the drawings. Hence the practice is meant to develop a better quickness.

Then I can paint landscape “from life” (so to speak) without painting en plein air and lugging all the paint paraphenalia to some location. It’s much easier to draw from life than to paint — much quicker, much lighter, much less cumbersome and even much more direct.

Does it sound like a good plan? We’ll find out! Until spring I am making many small landscape practice drawings and paintings as well as continuing various larger projects.

Always learning.

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14 thoughts on “Time’s relativity

  1. I love, love, love your paintings here! when I see paintings I love it inspires me to want to get back to painting again. I like your plan to. It may be something I could use. I get frustrated sometimes because when I’m painting from a photograph I tend to get too detailed and bogged down. It doesn’t feel or look as free and fresh as what I’d been hoping for. Maybe painting from a drawing of a photo will help with that! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Hello, Aletha, What a coincidence! I was just thinking last week whatever happened to your blog postings, and hoping that you were well. Looking at your work always stirred my creative wishes to get drawing. I’m happy to see your latest drawings brimming with life. Your project sounds wonderful.

  3. Aimée, it is so nice to be missed! I have continued painting and drawing. I got out of the habit of writing blog posts. Perhaps it’s time to return. I am always glad when my comments encourage others to do art, too. Thank you letting me know.

  4. Deborah, that is the typical caution about using photos — that they can lead to over much copying, that they can turn the painting into a sort of pseudo photograph. However, I like the photos for their sameness — I feel that it invites a great deal of freedom. I interpret the photo, just drawing as though looking at the real things, and as though the weather might change any moment, or clouds move, etc., I draw fairly quickly.

    The materials themselves can help one escape some of the photographic element. The neopastels I use have their own character that they impart. The linear element is very visible — which I like. And though I can mix colors (the pastels have lots of technical flexibility), the mixture always gets shaped by the texture of the paper and so forth. And the separation between photo and painting lends a more interpretative stance toward the act of painting. I am interested in the painting for its own sake — the colors, lines and textures. So glad that you find the ideas helpful and inspiring. Thank you.

  5. Thank you! As you can see, Kerfe, I’m slow at restarting the blog, but only because I am busy painting. So, I guess that’s as good excuse as one can manage. I appreciate very much hearing from folks so thanks again.

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