Create the places where you want to live

The places where you want to live, perhaps at first you have to create them in your mind. Before they are real someone imagines them. I say someone because bits and pieces of imagination emerge from the emotional landscape. We are not entirely the sum of our own thoughts, but rather our ideas are saturated with influences from without — many of which one is not even aware.

None of that matters. It doesn’t matter where the ideas come from. It’s enough that the ideas appear. And once they appear, one needs to begin recording them in whatever fashion is possible if the ideas are to have a fuller life in the world.

First ideas are like seeds. They’re small. Sometimes it’s a color. Sometimes a shape or a form.



I’m in a drawing mood today and in a mood for dreams. Vicariously I go back through bits of the past and visit also (who knows?) bits of future too. With snow still on the ground, I enter the spring and even the summer. The birds are making noise and insects congregate in clouds. The air is mild. The sun scatters light through leaves and sunlight prints leaf shadows across the lawn.

I draw by pencil, my transport is color.