Here’s what I drew today. This scene drawn using neocolors measures about 34 by 30 inches. So these dream shrubs are, pictorially speaking, somewhat hand sized. They seem like you could reach for and grasp them.

Perhaps you can help me get my bearings. In this dream, where do you suppose I am? Because I’m not sure. It seems like a nice place though. It’s airy. The atmosphere is filled with light. Does it seem nice to you?


My Every Thought

I’ll just publish every single thing I draw.

My every visual thought. You’re wound up with suspense wondering what I draw first thing in the morning while I have my coffee, isn’t that right?

No? Not even a little tiny bit curious about the colored pencil doodles I make in blank pages of an old calendar? Goodness, I’m flabbergasted!

And yet you agree that we should fill up the internet with pictures. Turn drawings into electrons! Be always seeing, often thinking, and draw it all!

California Mountains

I have never been to California.

By various means, the landscapes come to me. With enough faith we can move mountains. And sometimes too the mountains just arrive. I cannot begin to tell you how many mountains have wandered into the studio for a sitting.

I’m always glad to see them. I love portraying mountains.


I have remade the meadow several times. The actual meadow changes continuously so it only makes sense that my pictures of it should also change in various ways. The same meadow has many faces. The actual meadow has so many faces that it would be impossible to record them all. The reality is so rich that it startles the mind to conceive it.

What does happen to the many faces of the meadow? Who sees them? Is there a record somewhere of all that light? All those flowers and bugs and days and hours? All the ways the wind swept the leaves in that ocean of grass?