the Roundness of a Circle

The forms of shrubbery or trees and the roundness of fruits are very similar. While working in very different subjects, I find that I am creating and recreating the same scenes.

I have been busy contemplating circles and circle-like things.

Maybe it’s just me, or is it Mother Nature who loves circular things? She makes the stuff. People like me draw it.


Big ideas & Small ideas

Been looking for profound simplifications. One way to simplify a scene is to draw it from memory. Another way is to draw very small: the smaller the space is, the less room there is for detail. Hence a small drawing or a remembered scene provides a grand strategy for getting to the core of things.

Naturally enough, the little drawing is a form of invention also. For how many ways can you remember a thing? How many ways can you break it down into its simple elements? It turns out that there are many ways.