In the marvelous open air

Rearranged my schedule today to take advantage of the amazing weather. Beautiful, clear, low humidity, mosquitoes somewhere else visiting relatives, only beautiful clouds above — I decided to make some drawings from life of the most local neighboring trees using the latest box of neocolor1 crayons.

The colors I’ve been putting into my paintings from memory and imagination were in full force, and I got a chance to study them directly.

Such a glorious day! Hope yours was wonderful too, wherever you are.


The Medium’s Influence

Each medium requires you to think a little differently. Each has its particular virtues. Thus revisiting the same scene using different tools can offer sources of invention.

This drawing measures about 15 x 12.5 inches, drawn using neocolor1 crayons and colored pencils.

Sometimes the details suggest possibilities for new motifs.

I have a painting of the whole scene in the works, and I’ve been experimenting with a small painting of just the foreground shrubs — which have abstracted into variegated green ovals.

I suppose in time I will have come to know all these various ovals pretty well.