Just a reminder that I’m using this blog much less now (doing a few reblogs and redirects from time to time) and am shifting my attention to a new blog Trace Elements. Come see what’s going on at the new blog, which you can find HERE.

5 thoughts on “Shifting Gears

  1. I’m phasing out the old blog and shifting to the new one. For a while, I’m posting occasionally to the old one to help people find the new one. But eventually I’ll just maintain the new and the other will be archived.

  2. That makes sense – there’s always the fear that if you retire a website/blog/social media account you will lose people who might have been looking for you. I used to be on a site called “artweb” and I pinned a lot of pins on pinterest from that site. Those pins still gfet repinned so I have to regularly check and edit those pins to redirect people to my new website.

  3. Indeed. My new blog officially has 26 followers! So, I’m starting from scratch. However, the 26 followers are the people who were most closely following the old blog. And since people still randomly find the old blog I am including occasional redirect posts to hopefully bring them to the new one.

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