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you cannot paint all the time

100_1816 (2).jpg

When I’m not painting, I’m doing this.  Don’t worry it’s not as bad as it looks.  Several Austen novels are piled into one book.  I’m only reading Pride and Prejudice for now.  Thus I’ve made rather better progress than it would seem from the photo.

Austen fits nicely into my world.  I think she’d approve of the way the studio looks at present.

in the dark

100_1803 (2)

Nothing is one color.  Nothing looks the same all the time.  Memory and thought sometimes seem to still things — to solidify them.  But the things themselves are always changing.

You can make the light even when you paint to give yourself more painting time.  It’s a very practical thing to do: to paint in artificial light.  But the painting once it’s finished will be seen in all kinds of light.  And it will look different in the morning, and it will look different at night.

a corner of the studio

studio view 4 corner with Moth

Paintings are backed up like automobiles at rush hour, waiting for their turn to be finished.  The tall flowers in blue and green are almost complete — almost.  The Moth is about half way there. Other paintings are stacked behind Moth.  I got my work cut out for me.

My goal is to make my way through that stack.  But I also have the Big Painting to do.  Somehow it all works out.  Bit by bit.  I have discovered that incremental change is your friend.

someone else’s flowers

flowers in vase drawing

Not sure whose drawing this is, but isn’t it grand?  I’m painting my flowers today so here’s something aspirational I post to encourage a fine flower mood.  Hope you’re enjoying a fine flower mood wherever you are, whatever you do ….

I’m still working on these below,

picture and reference limoges 2

new bouquet

new flowers

I have returned from the grocery store, got my flowers, and have begun setting up.  I’ve been trying to get the flowers to jump into the vase that I drew.  Jump, flowers!  It’s hard to mix the real with the strictly two dimensional things.

I’m going to be painting a study for the Big Picture.  As I begin I’ll be looking at this somewhat awkward arrangement.  But once I get the vase indicated I’ll move the drawing off to the side.

The drawing is sitting on a music stand.  That’s because the drawing is the score!

new flowers 2

I changed my mind

new vase Limoges pale (2)

I found a new Limoges vase online, and I’ve decided to use it instead of the pale white one with roses.  I just like this jaunty vase with handles better.  So I made a study of it using Neopastels and I’ll be using it to replace the main vase of the picture.

I have also decided to investigate using a second smaller vase to be sitting on the table a little closer in the foreground.  More on that development later.  I have an actual glass vase that I’ll use with real flowers.

Before I canned the white vase I made a little painted study of it, below right.