new bouquet

bouquet night of 5-10

I bought more flowers yesterday, some Sweet Williams, to join the other bouquet I had already.  Again I placed them above the drawing of the Limoges vase.  And I produced the study above, painting until rather late at night.  This is the largest of the studies so far, and I am thinking about doing another study of the same motif.  Here’s the set up below:

new bouquet (2)


Beautiful Graphite!

flower pencil drawing

In the previous post I explained that collage could be a means of escape from the indecision that sometimes accompanies drawing.  But, pshaw!  What’s wrong with a little indecisiveness now and again!  I love to waver.  “Almost’ is my middle name!

I love the beautiful smudginess of pencil drawing.  And so when I was designing exotic flowers, I could not resist a loopy, devil-may-care pencil version. 

Sometimes you just gotta have fun.

three flowers three media

Here’s the drawing in situ.