happy birds

birds 4

It stopped raining and even the birds are happy.  Or, perhaps mostly the birds are happy — they are, after all, in the weather all the time.  I can hear them singing outside my window.  They sound most glad that the sun is shining again.


Twittering away


I have been twittering this morning — like a bird.  Singing out my art.  Saying, “come look – come look!”  I am never sure how to use the social media.  But then a bird singing has no plan either.  Get into nice spot on the tree branch, start singing.  As spring gradually warms, I’m hearing more singing outside my window.  I wonder if it has inspired me to twitter more in the twitter-verse, and to send out more messages here at this blog, my perch.

Anyway, if you are likewise a Twitterer, do follow me there.  Facebook too.