Strange Happenings

The squirrels are into the tequila again.  Actually this is a drawing for a painting.  I draw things that I’m going to paint.  It helps me think the image through.  It’s also very enjoyable to rehearse the idea.  And naturally having rehearsed the idea, it develops more readily in its painted form.

But the differences in drawing and painting are quite plain.  All the small lines and textures that you can capture in a drawing have to be sacrificed in a painting.  Well, each has its own charm.

[Top of the post:  Squirrel as Carmen Miranda, by Aletha Kuschan]

Fourth of July, Funny hats

Oh no!  He’s been out there with the squirrels!  This is Lewis St. Lewis’s fabulous painting of himself as something like Carmen Miranda (his source, a Carmen of an earlier era I think).  If you want to see Lewis’s paintings, you’ve got to go to Jane Tyndall’s wonderful gallery in beautiful Chapel Hill, North Carolina!  If you do, whether in person or virtually via the internet, please tell Jane that you saw Lewis’s painting here!

In the meantime, Lewis!  Get away from those squirrels!

[Top of the post:  Fanciful Self Portrait, mixed collage and paint, by Lewis St. Lewis, Jane Tyndall Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC]

Festive Squirrel

Well, Forth of July celebrations are having an intriguing affect on animals in our backyard habitat.  Never again do we give tequilas to the squirrels.  This one thinks she’s Carmen Miranda.  Hope all of you in the US are having a great Independence day, and to visitors from other places — wish you could be here to enjoy our party!

[Top of the post:  Tropical Squirrel, detail of a children’s mural, by Aletha Kuschan]