Meditations upon fish character

My fishes are so much like people to me.  I think about their personalities, which they seem to possess so abundantly.  Fish thoughts seem to pass across their eyes, fish thoughts wander into my thoughts too.  We converse the fish and I.  They are like pets — two dimensional ones of color and built-up lines embodied.  And down, down into their flat blue into indigo they dive.

Very resolutely the vivid orange fish dives.  I don’t know where exactly he is going.  But determined is he to get there.  Plumb-line fish thought sure determined ….

Janos Starker helped with the Dark Colors

By the time I started work on the darker colors I was listening to Janos Starker on the “boom box.”  It’s hard not to make rather vigorous stokes when Janos Starker bows such vigorous strokes.

My orange fish got so orange that I forgot all about his lovely tail.  It becomes reduced to just a slender cylinder.

Meanwhile, the dark fish seems to leap even more swiftly in this version.  All the fish were swimming to Kodály by this time.

To have a listen for yourself: