a flowered hat can remove all doubt

matisse copy detail

When in doubt, choose flowers.

Indeed, when in doubt, copy something by an old (or new) master.  Include flowers.  Use oil pastels (they are the best EVER for simplicity and flexibility).  And when most in doubt, you can hardly go wrong by consulting Monsieur Henri Matisse.

Here, my small quick copy of “Femme au chapeau fleuri,” 1919.

matisse copy whole


Renoir’s flowers

Renoir painted a vase of roses, which I know only from a book.  His “Roses mousseuses” of 1890 (now in the Musee d’Orsay, Paris) has enchanted me from the first day I encountered it.  I know it must be a thousand-fold more lovely seen in real life.  I copy Renoir’s flowers every once in a while to reexperience their magic, to feel the full force of the enchantment.

This copy appears in a small Moleskin notebook, done with Uniball Signo gel pen.